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We cover everything from horse racing grades to random number generators, from full cover bets to progressive jackpots.  Whatever your questions or interests we’ve got your back at

Sports Articles

We’ve broken down our sports articles into three categories to help you find the information you need.  In betting guides you will find everything you need to bet in general including how various bet types work, how to use live betting, cash out, how odds are calculated, etc.  Football and horse racing sections are fairly self explanatory, here you will find articles on specific bet types and offers as well as how to bet on various markets.


footballA typical high level football match now comes with literally hundreds of pre-match and in play markets.  No matter how much experience you have betting on footy there are always new bet types, strategies and features to be aware of that could add value to your wagers.

Our football articles will help you get the best out of your betting whether that’s both teams to score strategies or how to effectively bet on goalscorer markets, etc.


horse-racingHorse racing is the oldest sport of betting on and was originality known as the sport of kings for its popularity among the elite.  In the modern day however racing is enjoyed year-round by all classes of people with many prestigious races, great offers and top markets from bookmakers.

For the uninitiated betting on racing, however, can seem a little daunting, history is a great thing but it means the sport has maintained some rather strange terminologies and features. In our horse racing articles find information on the basics, such as racing grades, what is rule 4, how to bet on horse racing and much more.


guideIf you want to know what cash out is or how to use it or you don’t know what a handicap or full cover bet it then you’ve come to the right place.  Our betting guides contain all the need to know information that will not only help you get the most out of your betting but will also help you to expand your repertoire.

This section also contains details of common rules and features that are essential to making sure you place the right bets, whether that be how to use betting tools or when to best place your bets. Being in the know and getting the right information is often the best way to win.

General Betting Articles


betting-systems-imgThere are no fool proof ways to earn money whether betting in casino or on sports.  Over the century’s many systems have been invented (and reinvented) from the famous Martingale double up system to more intricate sequence bases systems.  Ultimately there is no way to use these and win for sure, if there were the bookies would go bust!


bettingGambling is fun but it is also addictive and it can often often be hard to know when to stop.  We only cover UK licensed bookmakers and casinos and by law they must promote responsible gambling and self exclusion.  Find out more about these tools.